• Quebec
  • Quebec (French: Québec), located in east-southern Canada,is a province connected with the east of North America. Quebec City, the capital city of Quebec, is an important port city in eastern Canada and a city famous for its history and culture. The largest city in Quebec, Montreal, is not only the second-most populous in Canada but also a city with multiculture and dynamic arts. Traveling in Quebec, don’t miss those world-famous attractions: St. Anne Cathedral, the Olympic Park, the St. Lawrence River. 

    Quebec has a magic power to let its visitors fall in love with it at first sight. From fashion city Montreal to historic city Quebec City, the charm of Quebec lies in the modern buildings and the ancient streets. In Quebec, walking along the streets,you can feel the rise and fall of cities ; floating a boat in the lake , you can embrace the nature. whatever, you will always have fun there.