• BC文艺漫生活
  • BC literary life

    Let go of chores
    Skip the get-together
    Pray early in life with your elders
    With his family
    Take a carefree trip

  • Travel plan
  • 1
  • BC literary life Day1
    Fly to vancouver. Due to its unique natural environment, vancouver, an exquisite and fashionable metropolis, has been rated as the most livable city in the world for many times.
    After the tour guide picks up the plane, arrange the Chinese supermarket to purchase supplies, enjoy the vancouver food festival and stay in vancouver overnight.
  • 2
  • BC literary life Day2

    Canada square - Stanley park - vancouver art gallery - Granville island

    After breakfast the United States dress up, be Stanley or art gallery, should take out wenqing temperament to treat.
    Granville island must be the highlight of today. It is said to be the gathering place of culture and youth, the exquisite shops on the island, and the wonderful watch in the street
    Performance, plus thick color wall painting, let the atmosphere of art ignite the beginning of the trip.

  • 3
  • BC literary life Day3
    Capellanu suspension bridge - pine peak cable car - snowshoe ramble
    Vancouver's unique natural environment is surrounded by mountains and water, and the surrounding scenery is an important part.


  • 4
  • BC literary life Day4

    Coygin Bay - Chemenas - Fresco town

    Take the ferry to vancouver island after breakfast, cross the channel, disembark from nanaimo, north to south, stay overnight at the Grand Pacific Victoria Hotel。

  • 5
  • BC literary life Day5

    Bouchard garden - butterfly garden - Monroe bookstore - Victoria appreciation dinner

    When you come to Victoria, you are bound to visit butchart gardens, one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Accompanying the garden is the largest butterfly garden in North America. Flowers and butterflies are stepped into a colorful woven bag full of spring.

  • 6
  • BC literary life Day6

    Royal BC museum - heron island winery - fisherman's wharf

    The last stop after breakfast in Victoria: the royal BC museum, home to the world's largest mammoth, a curious aboriginal culture and some familiar chinoiserie -- traces of Chinese life hundreds of years ago. The next ferry ride back to Richmond, sweet looking friends can be careful, the next stop of the heron island winery fruit wine may make you infatuating oh.

  • 7
  • BC literary life Day7
    Arthur grand olay, Aberdeen lion dance, welcome dinner
  • 8
  • BC literary life Day8&9
    Vancouver departs and returns to China. The plane crosses the international line and will arrive in China on January 31.